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American Federation of Ramallah Palestine
San Jose, California Chapter


The Ramallah Club of San Jose is a local chapter of the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine. The American Federation of Ramallah Palestine was created in 1959 as a national organization with the intent to link ties between the Arab American communities and to promote better understanding of the political aspirations of Palestinians. Residents of Ramallah (a town ten miles north of Jerusalem), began to immigrate to the United States as early as 1900. Today there are over 30,000 people of Palestinian descent living throughout major cities within the United States. Many local chapters were formed making up the American Ramallah Federation.

As Palestinians and Americans, we have pride in our heritage and want to share our culture with our families and friends. Being involved with the Ramallah Club of San Jose unifies and strengthens our community. The Ramallah Club of San Jose is a nonprofit organization, whose intent is to preserve their Palestinian culture and heritage in the United States. By promoting educational programs, social events, and cultural awareness, this organization hopes to keep our Palestinian community unified for generations.