American Federation of Ramallah Palestine
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Ramallah Family Tree

Dear Cousins:

The goal of the Family Tree Project is to develop an accurate genealogy of the original Ramallah Clans and their decedents. Our intention is to publish an updated family tree book by the 2009 convention; then periodically update every five years thereafter.  This will help our Ramallah Family continue our sense of identity, and help our children and their decedents understand where we all came from, and how are we related to each other.  This is a momentous effort and can be a life long project which will evolve over time.  Our goal is to update the information we have and for that we need your help.  If you like your information in the Ramallah Family Tree Book to be accurate, up-to-date and complete, please read below to see how you can help us with your feedback.

This is the first draft of the updated Ramallah Family Tree.  It is a very rough first cut intended to generate community excitement and feedback.  Below are Instructions for updating your portion of the tree.   Please take some time to enjoy all the hard work that the committee has devoted.

All family trees for all the Ramallah Clans have been loaded on to this website as of March of 2007.  Our hope is to get your feedback, updates and corrections and incorporate them in to the Ramallah Family Tree by end of September 2008. 

We will continue to periodically update the family trees on this website over the next few months.  So if you or your relatives are not on this website yet, please be patient and keep checking back periodically and we will add it to this site as soon as we can.

The feedback we are looking for includes:

  1. Name corrections, spelling corrections, and relationship corrections to the existing names on the tree.
  2. Names of individuals, male or female, to be added to the tree.
  3. Dates addition or correction (birth dates, death dates, marriage dates and marriage locations).
  4. Any other information about any individual can be included in the family tree (i.e. nicknames, titles, education, etc.).

In addition, we are looking for more interested volunteers that will assist in the enormous task of translating Arabic text of Azeez Shaheen’s book into English to be incorporated in our genealogy software package.  Four of the nine Clans have active teams working on them so there is a lot of room for interested individuals to participate. 
For more information please contact JOHN MOGANNAM  at (408) 268-3920 or and DAVID SAAH at (925) 425-0832.


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